As many of you are aware I was one of the evacuees. Now it is time to pay back. It is in our hopes that we try to help out on 2 different levels.

The first is the wonderful people at Landtran have given us an empty trailer. Unicon Concrete Specialists have given us the space and abilities of loading along with a pallet of water. After being evacuated I could see how many families were taking over the camps. These are small rooms now housing families of 3, 4 and more people. Funny how we used to complain how small the rooms were, now seeing them used to house the people who lost everything. Anyways there are loads of organizations asking for food and water. We are looking at the big picture and are asking for items to help out the families in the camps and in the near future with items such as…but not limited to…

New and like new Kids toys, games, books…
Pet food (dog and cat)
Cleaning supplies (soaps and bottles, brooms, mops and buckets, garbage bags, etc.)
Personal hygiene kits (toiletries)
New clothing

Donations will be accepted at Unicon Concrete Specialists located at
11740 – 156 Street NW

If it is easier for you to donate with a monetary donation. We will be accepting these and we will be going to Costco to fill the gaps on items needed.
The second is if you would like to start growing vegetables for the “grow your own project.” Basically it is an initiative that gets children, unplugged and learn; how to grow food again. It is meant for parents to get in the garden and through some quality bonding time with their children produce vegetables that are later donated to food banks nationwide. Last year there were thousands of pounds of vegetables produced for The grow your own project, this year we are trying to make it tens of thousands of pounds. We can see that there is going to be a huge amount needed to help those in need in and around Fort McMurray We are planning on sending loads of the veggies after the harvest. So if you don’t know how else to help out our fellow Albertans, lets grow some vegetables in our gardens now and give later.

You can either get free seeds by going to Home Hardware in Fort Saskatchewan or grab them from Unicon. If you have your own seeds and want to start on your own, that is perfectly fine just let the organizers at know you have started growing for this very cause.

Thanks for your continued support.