What we can do

What we need to move forward

  • Inform the general public that we have a viable option, to potentially control, alt, and delete climate change.
  • Obtain funding to complete tests at the NASA research center. Tests to be done:
    -Testing abrasive qualities of nickel over satellites and shuttle components
    -How nickel will be affected by Earth’s electromagnetic force field
    -Check for potential loss or weakening of satellite signals
    -Check for possible loss of clarity to astronomers
  • Perform a small-scale field test to determine the effectiveness of proposed idea
  • Have satellites equipped with electromagnets to reclaim and re-position test plot

End goal:

  • Ultimately, block out 1-2% of the sun’s total emissions in order to alter and delete climate change and stop any further rising sea levels
  • To regress; have sea levels recede to where they were 10, 20, or 30 years ago
  • To restore; have polar ice caps thicken, essentially giving homes back to the animals affected

Ultimate goal:

  • To live in a world free of the problems created from climate change
  • To live in an environmentally friendly world

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