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Here’s the plan:

We’ve been educated to reduce our carbon footprint, prevent emissions, recycle, plant more trees… but what if there’s something more we can do to buy us the time we need to control, alter, and delete climate change?

Creating a shield around the earth would block out a percentage of the sun’s total emissions. A shield around Earth could deflect, block and absorb some of the solar rays. Even impeding 1% of the rays would result in significant differences. Scientists have proposed creating man-made clouds. Unfortunately this wouldn’t work as they are forgetting the fundamentals of convection. How air, water and heat rotate in circular patterns. Some people have thought of putting millions of little mirrors in space to impede the suns solar rays. This would never be allowed because it would pose a bigger problem to future spacecrafts and satellites.

nickel-beltNever before has the thought of putting something magnetic in space been proposed. CAD Climate change proposes: Pure Nickel. Nickel isn’t harmful for humans or animals.
Nickel, being magnetic, allows us the ability to control, alter, and delete climate change.

For example, if a particular area of the earth is expected to experience drought or extreme temperatures, we can use simple satellites equipped with electromagnets to alter the placement of the nickel to protect this critical zone requiring more blockage from the solar rays. The satellites can collect the nickel and disperse it over the critical zone. Once the temperature in this zone is controlled the nickel can be collected and dispersed again in other critical zones.

This will give us the time we need to clean up our act and implement permanent change to earth’s climate. During this controlled time, mankind must reduce, reuse, and recycle. We must set up solar, wind, wave, geothermal, and earth friendly energy stations. We must continue to make advances in using less fossil fuel.

Control: The ability to regulate and monitor the shield at any given moment. Using the magnetic quality of the nickel, we can transfer any amount of nickel to cover certain areas of the earth that may be in critical zones. This will control the earth’s temperatures in the local area and the global temperatures as a whole.

Alter: The ability to collect, manipulate, and maneuver to maximize the projects sun blocking ability

Delete: The ability when completed, to undo or delete the entire effects of climate change. At this time the nickel shield can be removed if necessary to do so.

Scientists have done some initial research and even published an accepted manuscript to prove the idea is plausible.
This paper examines the concept of a Sun-pointing elliptical Earth ring comprised of dust grains to offset global warming.

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