Just before Christmas I had a meeting with Timona Jarha. Timona and his family are now living here in Edmonton Alberta. He has agreed to partner up with us and make becoming a registered non profit a reality. During our meeting, Timona shared his passion of creating a community centre in his home village of Hola Mission, Tana River County, Kenya.

The community centre will have solar power lighting systems to allow the children and adults to be able to read well into the evenings… At that time I had said that I could possibly help to get a shipment of books and possibly some games and toys sent over to help with his cause.

Coincidence or synchronicity…

The very next day while helping with the Fort Saskatchewan Christmas food hamper I heard about the Emmanuel foundation and what they were doing in the neighbouring warehouse. Their mission is to  restore outdated play grounds and send them to less fortunate countries. Along with the playgrounds they also send recycled hospital equipment, books, bikes, desks, chairs, shoes, clothing, sewing machines and supplies to operate, etc… Pretty much anything useful that would be welcomed into a community, church, hospital, or school.

This morning I helped load a container meant to go to four different areas of Belize. This shipment was sponsored by the wonderful members of the Fort Saskatchewan rotary club. As you can see from the pictures, stacked to the top with little to no space left to fit anything else. I have no doubt that there will be loads of smiles and years of enjoyment on the faces of the people that this load is destined for.

The surprise I want to tell Timona is: In the near future I will make it a reality to send one of these care packages to your village and help you with your community centre.

Thanks for agreeing to help Control Alt Delete, we are looking forward to creating and developing many wonderful things together.

Bring on more synchronicities, they are always welcomed by me.

As for the coincidence… Like I have always said. A thousand and one coincidences are definitely no longer a coincidence, they are fate.